Anon Fortesque

West Virginia


Charleston - Shire of DrahkenWulfsMeir (Under GV)
DarkLord Aaron DeLoven
Prime Minister:
Donnivan Dane
Eldrich DeLioncore
Lord David

  • c/o David Newman

  • PO Box 561

  • Belle, WV 25015

DrakenWulfsMyre meets at the park beside Peidmont Elementary on Quarrier st. around 2pm or 3pm Saturday and Sundays...(we wil be switching parks soon)...DROP AN EMAIL FOR MORE DETAILS. We may every once and a while visit a neighboring shire, so too find out when and where drop a mail.
We are proud to be in Amtgard, and when send our invitation out to anyone and everyone that is interested in having a good time. You will meet a lot of new people and have a lot of fun in doing so. We could have never got this far without everyone, it is because of you that we are here.
If you are into Amtgard strictly for roleplay and do not wish to fight we welcome you also.
DrakenWulfsMyre has a mailing list!
Go to for information on how to subscribe, or send an email to
Come and let the legacy begin......
(Updated 03/20/01)

Dunbar - Shire of Shuenja Assassins (Under GV)
Kyutesi Miramoto Joninn
Regent: Dimtris-roshi
Prime Minister:
Philip BlackSnake
Champion: PurpleNinja
Lord Ma Ming Tou (304) 768-8921
Kyutesi Miramoto Joninn
  • c/o Matthew Martin

  • 447 16th street

  • Dunbar WV, 25064

  • (304) 768-8921

Shuenja Assassins meets at the end of Finney Hollow Road, at the end of the gravel road on in Dunbar on Tuesdays and Sundays from 4:00-whenever.
Come and experience the white tiger.
(Updated 04/27/01)

Nitro - Barony of Blackrock Hills (under GV)
Baron: Aliazar Von Himmler
Baronial Regent:
Lady Nahimana Von Himmler
Kayloula Nosdred
Baronial Champion:
Enon Fortesque
Lady Nahimana Von Himmler
  • c/o Elizabeth Hoyt

  • 454 Blake Road

  • Nitro, WV 25143

  • (304) 755-9577

Blackrock Hills meets in Ridenour Park in Nitro, WV. Sundays (Main Day) - 1:00 pm til shutdown at Pavillion #4, on the far side of the Lake
Blackrock Hills is growing steadily, but without you and your support, we are nothing. If you dont know what we are about, feel free to contact us for more info, or stop by.
Blackrock Hills has a mailing list!
Go to for information on how to subscribe, or send an email to
We are also planning a multitude of events for the summer - so stop on by!
Without you, we could not exist.
(Updated 03/20/01)

Princeton - Shire of Mist Dragon Falls (Petitioning GV)
Monarch: Erioc Valerus
Regent: Kimmeriel
Prime Minister: Phalyn Klininson
Champion: Marcuss Amorte
Erioc Valerus
  • c/o David

  • 324 Northview Addition

  • Princeton, WV 24740

We are yet to decide on a permanent park, but we're leaning strongly towards Princeton city park, and Camp Creek State Park. We hold most of our RP quests and political gatherings at Brush Creek Falls park. Feel free to contact us to find out when and where we'll be meeting.
We are a very new Amtgard group looking to expand our membership. Our primary emphisis is on safety and fun. If you can't have fun playing a game, why play it at all? Though our RP quests tend to be rather serious, there is a time and place for silliness and general amusement at all of our meetings. Contact us of you are interested in joining in on our little corner of the Amtgard world.
(Added 04/27/01)